Ponder Nobs entrepreneur Petri Rajaniemi has worked several years as an advisor for the executive management in various companies, helping to bring growth by changing their ways of thinking.


Contact Petri when you want a situation, event or seminar to be a success.

* There is a situation, seminar or event in the calendar and you know it needs to be a success. You want to give participants new ideas to think of and create the right kind of atmosphere, that makes it possible to move forward.

* Your company, organization or industry is in the middle of big changes. You want to give your group a vision of what they should expect in the future, what is important to understand about your current situation and what events lead to this point.

* You need a powerful key note speech or opening speech. You want to go through together what you want/need from the occasion and what kind of impact you want to give to the participants in order to make your event successful.

* You want to coach and train your group, make them question old ways of thinking and help them find new ideas about themselves and about your shared goal.

Customer feedback average value was 4,82/5 in 2016. Each speech has a 100 % satisfaction guarantee.



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