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Thinker, writer, speaker, advisor – Petri Rajaniemi, works with organisations to improve their understanding of the business environment and the world we all live in. “Everything we do is based on our perception of the world and of other people. Many of the fundamentals that determine “the feel of life” have changed dramatically during the past 20yrs. But many organisations still fail to question their own assumptions.” Rajaniemi’s aim is to say something no one else says.

The past positions of Petri Rajaniemi include Head of Development for Finnish Education Providers and at the Federation of Finnish Enterprises. He is a fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and he won the first ever national title in the speaker competition of the Nordic Business Forum in Helsinki.

Time to shine Podcast
Petri Rajaniemi: Becoming a Speaker is a Process of Unlearning


Petri Rajaniemi
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