”You will obtain new and improved results only when your actions change. Actions change only when you change your way of thinking. Your way of thinking changes only when you question your previous thoughts.”



For each and every one of us it is important to know, that who you are and what you are doing matters. Nowadays, we live in a world, which changes fast while the future seems uncertain and terrifying.As a result, individuals and companies might easily lose both their purpose and their orientation. At that time, it is important to help people understand the world around them and how they fit in it; how we all came to this point, and above all, how we can move on.

Each of Petri Rajaniemi’s presentations is carefully planned to meet the client’s needs and unique situation. What are the things that should be said out loud in order to move forward and grow? What has never been said before, even though it should have been said?

Petri helps people, companies and organizations to realize their purpose and place in this world while that might occasionally seem chaotic. Purpose provides new energy to the exhausted workers and benefits groups to find common direction for their actions.

Above all, Petri brings results. Depending on the clients’ needs, results might be economical, functional or about performance.

Petri speaks openly and genuinely, with empathy and deep understanding and builds a constructive atmosphere. There is always a strong message in his speech – whatever the situation might be, we will survive and grow from it. There is no need to worry.



Petri is a thinker, writer, speaker and advisor; one of his many skills is that he genuinely understands what it is to be human and wants to help people. That is something that shines through in each and every of his presentations.

Every complex situation is created by numerous variables; therefore, in order to have a different result you have to be able to identify and change the missing or broken part.


Petri adopts a broader perspective when he examines the worldfrom one individual to global issues, from this moment, looking back in the past and facing the future. He will not go easy on you, or himself.  Even though his speech hit on a sore spot in the listener’s mind, his self-irony encourages you to laugh at him too. Petri has a mission to question old and dusty ways of thinking, his own as well as others.

In fact, it is only by questioning old ways of thinking you will be able to grow – whether it means growing as a person, a company or an industry.

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